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4 Alternatives to Custom Framing to Modernize Your Space

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Wall décor can change the entire look of your home, making it new and modern. In fact, changing up your wall décor can completely renew a once-dismal or drab home interior. While custom framing is a common way to showcase your photography, if you’re looking for something more modern and trendy, there are several options such as acrylic, glass, metal, or even a backlit photo print.

But some of these options will look better than others with various image types, and in different areas of your home. Here are a few tips for choosing the right way to display your favorite photographs.

Acrylic Print

Acrylic prints come in two different types — direct prints and face mounted, but direct prints are best. A direct acrylic print is, as its name suggests, printed directly onto the acrylic sheet. They tend to last longer than face mounted prints, especially in humid environments.

An acrylic print makes just about any image look like a painting you might find in an art gallery. Some images may even look 3D, but reflections can be a problem. Be sure to place an acrylic print away from any windows or direct lighting to prevent the image from being obstructed by a reflection.

Acrylic custom framing is perfect for accentuating contrast and color in an image. For example, a black and white or otherwise monotone photo would benefit from the extra contrast acrylic framing would offer.

Metal Prints

Metal prints can create stunning works of art. These prints look great in a variety of rooms because of their functionality and durability. Photos are infused directly into the metal, making your photo completely water- and stain-proof. You can even use a dry erase marker on a metal print, which makes it great for daily quotes or notes to family. It's also very easy to clean. A photo printed on metal offers a luminescence that no other medium can match.

Wood Prints

Similar to canvas prints, wood offers a natural quality to any print, and because of the wood grain, each individual print is completely unique. Your photo can be printed directly onto the wood grain for a natural feel, but a more muted photo. If you prefer, a white primer can be added to decrease the amount of wood grain seen, making your image really pop. Each piece of wood is hand-sanded to ensure that the ink is completely absorbed.

Backlit Photo Prints

One of the most unique ways to showcase your photography is a backlit photo print. Images are printed on a fabric and installed on a light box designed to be reusable and completely frameless. These custom frames can give each photo an art museum look to them due to the lighting effect. They also have an added bonus of bringing more light to a room. They are perfect for sports action shots of your kids or your favorite family photo that you want to put in the spotlight. The only downside to these prints is the need for an outlet. However, they are energy efficient and UL approved. 

Decorating your home with your own images is a great way to customize your space. But new printing materials, like wood, metal, acrylic, and backlit fabric, are very popular because of the unique way they showcase photography of all kinds. It’s an easy and affordable way to decorate your home and give it a fresh, modern look.

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